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Written by Robert Waghmare & Joanne Ross


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Did you know that there's an emotional cause behind cystitis?

META-Health takes our mind-body understanding to the next level: it explains which stressful emotions cause which illnesses - including cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Get ready to go beyond the usual surface-level explanations...

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What is META-Health Coaching - and how can I use it?

META-Health Coaching synthesises the philosophy and practices of life coaching with healthcare, assisting clients to attain greater wellbeing. Therapists from all disciplines can utilise the questions in this article to bring insights and a wellness focus into client relationships...

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Accelerate your personal and professional development and get better results with your therapy!

Are you seeking new ways to deepen your knowledge & enhance your current approach and improve your results with clients? This article explains how META-Health can be used a framework for other therapies dramatically enhancing and improving your results. Read on...

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What is the bio-psycho-social connection?

Have you ever noticed how our environment affects our health and wellbeing? Or looked for scientific evidence for the specific links between health issues and our thoughts, feelings and behaviour? Discover the answers in this article...

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What's the cause of eyesight problems?

This article uncovers the emotional causes of common issues such as short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia & presbyopia), cataracts and conjunctivitis. 

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How text messages triggered off my IBS

This article explores through a case study how receiving text messages became a trigger for IBS symptoms for Cathy. As a holistic therapist she tried many different approaches, only META-Health helped get to and resolve the cause.

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Understanding Eczema: META-Health® uncovers the cause

Case study exploring how a young woman experiencing minor intermittent outbreaks of eczema as a child for years then at the age of 24 for no apparent reason begins to develop a chronic pattern on her eyelids...

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META-Health®: Unlocking the mystery of Back Pain and other Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders including back pain, neck ache, arm strains and joint problems affect millions of people in the UK every year. They are the most common cause of ill health in the UK workforce. Find out why ...

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The Symptoms are not the Dis-ease - they have a meaning!

Have you ever noticed how physical health issues seem to follow predictable patterns? Or wondered why we get ill as soon as we go on holiday? Discover the reasons in this cutting-edge article

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" Discover the Missing Pieces of the Health Jigsaw and Revolutionise your Health Practice with META-Health!

Are you a life coach, holistic therapist, conventional or alternative health professional? Do you feel that even after all your training, there are some missing pieces of the jigsaw? In this article, we explore the science of the mind-body connection and how this can add value to your professional practice.

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Beyond Risk Factors: The 'Shocking' truth about illness that other health systems won't tell you 

In this article we discuss past and present theory regarding the causes of dis-ease and go beyond current understanding, with a focus on stressful life events as the beginning of a dis-ease process. 

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Is Illness Really a Mistake?: An Introduction to META-Health®

This brief introduction to META-Health reflects on the commonly-held misconception that when we get ill, the body's making a mistake, and asks have we evolved over 2.5 million years to make mistakes? 

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